Transportation Services


Announces Feasible Transportation Services From Within The Erie Area To All Around The Tri-State Area.

Providing transportation to:

  • Work

  • School 

  • 1 The Peninsula

  • 1 The store or restaurant

  • Most anywhere

Local with a 15-mile limit (one way), 49 cents per additional mile

Single Rates, up to 1 to 6 passengers:

One-way $9.36 each round trip $17.87 each

Special- 5-day weekly rates:

One-way $34.67

Round trip $56.34

7-day round trip $75.00

Group Rates, 7 to 15 passengers:

One-way $8.32 each round trip 15.97 each

Out of town rates, all round trip:

Buffalo $75.00 rt 125.00

Cleveland 75.00 rt $125.00

Pittsburgh 85.00 rt $135.00

Need to make a quick slop on the way? We well even make a stop Or two on the way to/from your destination with $3.00 additional out of your pocket per client

stop! Call 1800-785-0907 or Email us @:

For your safety and assurance, all of our drivers have passed acts' 033 and 034 along with a drug- screening test.

EOE-Equal Opportunity Employer

There is a $10.00 / hour * waiting fee' with 3 hour limit. Special accommodations can be made for your convenience and late let of 7% late charge per day until bill is paid in full on record.


Pricing is based on a fifteen-mile radius for one way or round trip. Each additional mile after the fifteen-mile radius is 60 cents (this does not apply to out of town rates). All fuel efficient Operations

Number of Passenger One Way Round Trip

Individual Rates 1 -6 passengers One-way $9.36/per person round trip $17.87/per person

Group Rates - 7-15 passengers One-way $8.32/per person round trip $15.97/per person

(5) Day Weekly Rates 1-6 passengers One-way $34.67/per person round trip $56.34/per person

(7) Day Round Trip $75.00 per person all charges is base on maintenance fees.

Out of Town Rates:

One-way: Buffalo $75.00 per person / round trips $125.00
One- way: Cleveland $75.00 per person / round trips $125.00
One-way Pittsburgh $85.00 per person
Approved rates 2021-2026 lock rates no new rates changes are allow before year expired above! "A 3-day payout period with late fee charge will be apply to account of 7% a day late fee or until full payment is made in full and put on record as paid in full. All service will be reactivated once bill is paid.

Please choose the transportation service you will be using below. 


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