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Crypto security is our number one's priority.

CH'S SERVICE PROVIDER Bitcoin cryptocurrency security and cryptocurrency Economy is our number one priority we don't invest in trading we invest in economy and in Families and economic, development.

We hereby State under oath that CH'S Service Provider currency would be distribute to Communities and Families and support of building Community generational of wealth through our society and through investment of all nations and or donations are welcome.

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CH'S Service Provider service was established back in 2000 with a dream to become the best transportation option state-wide. We set out to achieve this by offering our clientele the most luxurious, reliable and safe rides around town. We provide services to senior citizens and the disabled. to and from work, doctor's appointments, Retail store picks up, grocery store, school, day care pick ups are available. Rest assured that we’ll get you there in style, glitz and comfort. We also believe in providing the safest rides around. Our drivers not only went through an intense defense driving course, but they’ve all passed background and drug tests.

Your driver made me feel like I was someone famous; your driver took such good care of me on my way to the my appointment. Whenever I’m in town, there’s absolutely no other company I could even think of calling first.

CH'S Service Provider is the Largest Share Riding Service in the United States with everyday low Rates to fix all Budgets. email us for Employment Opportunity's, appointments at:

Phone contact: 1800-785-0907 ask for HR hours 9am to 6pm. eastern time zone.

  • Corey L Harris Founder of the Uber & Lyft, Uberx Concept".

  • This Company Is Family Owned 2000-2021 (R)

  • Mother Geraldine Harris Heavens Devine

  • Grandmother: Helen Logan Harris family.


Ch’s Service Provider, Inc

Describing Corporation Purposes and Proposed Activities:

CH'S Service Provider Mission Statement:

The Company of CH'S Service Provider is looking to provide a transportation service to Pennsylvania communities of Edinboro and Erie PA. CH’S Service Provider is ready and able to fill the transportation void that currently exists in these communities. Our services include a friendly, around the clock, door-¬to-door transportation service. This service will focus on taking clients to and from work, school, and day care, as well as various other transportation needs. This company will also focus on special care at a discounted rate for all citizens. After the business is established in Edinboro, the company will extend its business model into other municipalities. Our initial potential customers will include primarily those in then lower to middle income brackets but of all ages in the local Erie county communities. The companies’ services will be aimed at those individuals who do not have reliable or personal transportation but also those who and May only have one reliable vehicle per household. CH'S Service Provider will contribute to the local economy by not only its hiring of individuals but also improving the ability for individuals to access the services and businesses that already exist locally.

The company mission is to be of the non-profit mindset as well as being a non-profit in its existence. As a means to keep this company in existence, we will seek funding, charge minimal service and maintenance fees, and connect with local charities. CH'S Service Provider Mission is to introduce a time efficient and affordable transportation alternative, in an effort to cater the busy life styles of men, women, senior citizens and children in the city of Erie and its neighboring communities; while steadily increasing the value of CH'S Service Provider. 

The officers of this organization shall be as follows:

Sincerely Your,
Corey L. Harris, President/ Chairperson

1800-785-0907 -Toll Free



965 31st Street

Erie, PA 16504


Corporate Office Virtual assistant number 814-206-0562 extension 1001

HR extension 814-273-4750 extension 1002

HR extension 814-273-4750 extension 1002Commissioner@chsserviceprovider.com