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We offer 24/7 transportation service including our flexible workforce hours ( shifts) holidays. These are the times we are currently offering:
Shift Hourly competitive wages available working hours:

3AM - 9AM          6AM - 12PM

9AM - 3PM          12PM - 6PM

3PM - 9PM          6PM - 12AM

9PM - 3AM          12AM - 6AM

We look forward to riding with you!

All state and international employees will work 540 hours probationary period. " Before company will consider offering medical and wage increases and other healthcare  and or dental and vision plan must have completed over 540 working hours to be via (qualified for full employee benefits, see, employee handbook."   

All qualified employees will have benefits offered to them after they complete  540 hours, working probationary period hours! via handbook! 2021-2026.

CH’s Service Provider Transportation Service 24/7

$$ Call now and save! $$, work for CH’S Service Provider Erie Inc / Ohio call now, now accepting new members with option of hiring membership members & Family members and We offer 540 Volunteer working hour to veterans Family of veterans with opportunity of direct hire.

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CH’s Service Provider wants to provider service all of Pennsylvania. Also we want to provide services to other locations such as Atlanta GA., Edinboro, PA., Washington DC, Chicago, New York, and Ohio. In the future plan to offer in all of they United States. 

If driving around town is becoming a hassle let the professionals at CH’ S Service Provider do the driving and or service needs for you so call toll free: 1-800-311-6082.

Job Descriptions

Office Manager/ Health & Safety - Maintains daily schedules for employees. Tracks logs and performance records. Maintains and updates employees contrast, drug tests, criminal background checks, ad clearance updates, office supplies maintained, maintain auto maintenance records, revise and update employee hand books, policies and procedures, maintain correspondence, accounts payable and accounts receivables ledgers, schedule daily route for drivers, maintain payroll hours. Mileage, and travel time from logs. Report infractions. Complaints auto maintenance problems and driver performance rating records. Maintain employee records, Maintain swing and rotational schedules. Maintain absence records, requests for time off and vacations and health and safety issues.

Dispatcher - Track locations of drivers and disperse contact information for destination and retrieval locations. Ascertain safe and unsafe locations and identification from caller for night and long distance clients, (Phone Number Driver License Number, state ID Number, Credit Card Number). Maintain daily shift record of all contacts and driver solicitations. Maintain location of drivers at all times. Maintain supplies for use. Maintain drivers logs, maintenance and client complaints on documented format for distribution. To Office Manager. Maintain absence; call offs, requests for time off and vacations.

Maintenance Workers - Maintain menial services of the garage including, cleaning entire facility daily by sweeping, mopping, emptying trash receptacles, wiping down. Equipment with alcohol Cleaning restrooms including stalls, commodes inside and outside, sinks, filling soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers. Cleaning out cars, vans, and any other vehicles inside and outside daily on the day the vehicle is used. Maintaining supplies for clean up and maintenance. Maintaining vehicle availability list to dispatcher for assignment. Locking and closing all vehicle doors, windows, gas tanks hoods. Trucks and locks. Maintaining gas in all vehicles.

Auto Mechanics - Maintain daily maintenance of vehicles in a rotational format based on daily use of the vehicle. Maintain yearly inspections of all vehicles within 45 days of inspection expiration date. Maintain state compliance of all vehicle registrations Insurance and inspections. Maintain daily and annual rotations, changes and service items for the time period. Daily inspection of vehicles returned from daily usage for problems, complaints on vehicle tire rotations, low air pressure, and rust. Interior and exterior damage and windshield cracks or fissures. Check and complete all driver complaints on vehicles within a twenty four hour period after complaint is submitted. Ascertain problem or submit request to the office manager for outside inspection of vehicle for further servicing. Check that gas tank is full at beginning and end of the day.

Drivers –All drivers must have a valid class “C” Pennsylvania or States Drivers License with a clean record for at the past two years. Each driver will utilize their own personal vehicle and or provided by a company vehicle and therefore must provide proof of liability coverage and or full tort. Every driver must also pass a Criminal Background Check and Acts 0-33, 034 and 151 Clearance for Picking up passengers and taking them to their designated locations. Maintain a log of all clients retrieved and dispensed at the end of each trip. Document all additional stops. Open door of cab for eldest client first and rotate from the oldest to the youngest; Assist the client with baggage to and from the vehicle. Maintain professionalism at alt times in your dress and demeanor. Keep your business card handy for clients to use for future use.


Sales Specialist Opening Position

Join our team and take your career to the next level. CH’S SERVICE PROVIDER is a transportation communications and technology solutions service provider. With operations in 2 states Atlanta GA, Pennsylvania and growing and currently expecting to generate about $1.1 million in annual revenues. We provide a 24/7-based Transportation Service, and networking tracking data center and managed services and communication system for businesses and government agencies. CH’S Service Provider also delivers customer friendly services to residential and industry, health care, for customers primarily in disadvantage areas and we operate in a 90-route miles radius.

The Outside Sales Rep Specialist position is critical in managing CH’S Service Provider, Inc. indirect sales resources experience within a territory. As a Sales Consumer Specialist, your focus is on the independent consumer and home and business population. You will be trained to increase customer awareness of all company services and to build customer relationships.

An Outside Consumer Sales Rep Specialist is responsible for:

  • Selling the appropriate mix of transportation services using daily and weekly and monthly round trips solutions to offer our new and existing customers

  • Completing orders timely to ensure accurate services contracts and activation and billing

  • Meeting your commission and service quotas

Minimum Requirements:

High school diploma or equivalent and 3 years sales experience. College hours or a college degree may be substituted for some experience as deemed appropriate.


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DOT regulations for Pennsylvania Department of Transportation require all drivers to submit a mandatory drug test. 

Under §391.23(e), employers are required to investigate each driver/applicant's *drug* and alcohol *testing* history from all previous *DOT*-regulated employers that employed the driver within the previous three years (from the date of the employment application) in a safety-sensitive function that required alcohol and drug testing CH'S Service Provider employer policy.


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