Verified Statement Of Corey L. Harris Founder“inventor” In Support Of Application Investor’s Pay Pal Ch’s Service Provider Accept On Line Active.

Corey L. Harris “Founder Inventor”
CH'S Service Provider
Erie, P A 16504

This is Sole Proprietorship with Corey L. Harris Sr. As the Sole Owner of the Business. CH's Service Provider will provide and Home Base Invention Manufacturing Transportation Services. CH's transportation service will provide accessible transportation with passengers vehicles as such; as the following: 6,8,12,15 and CH’S Service Provider, Inc. will “PROVIDE JOBS” and Community Partnership Growth Right

From, Corey L. Harris: This transportation service is excepting new clients from various locations with Affordable Rates Designed to Fit All Budgets, especially those of the Marginalized Communities in Atlanta, GA and the Erie, PA geographic area. These services offers Friendly 24-hour service door to door as well as after midnight pick up to and from work,  store, Health Care, Social, Sports, Gambling,

Home Base Preschool and Day Care pick-ups or Race track. There is also a service Provided for Manufacturing, Technology & Invention Transportation Services to High School and Collage Students in the Edinboro and Erie, McLane, Atlanta GA, and Pennsylvania, DC, Texas. In addition CH's Service Provider affords Senior Citizens Special Care And reduced rates of service  by CH's Service Provider, Inc.

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