Corey L. Harris Sr. Owner/Founder
CH'S Service Provider Erie, Inc.
965 31st Street Erie, PA 16504

This is a Pa Corporation with Corey L. Harris Sr. as the corporation president/ CEO of the business.

CH's Service Provider provides transportation services to the Erie Community, which presently there is a great need for. CH's Service Provider will provide transportation services between points in the City of Erie, Erie County and within an airline distance of 90 statute miles thereof. CH's transportation service will provide accessible with 1,2,3,4,5,6 and or, 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15 of vehicle passenger transportation services from any location with affordable rates designed to fit all budgets, especially those of the minority communities. These service include but are not limited to friendly 24-hour service door to door as well as after midnight pick up to and form work. There is also a service provided for school and or pre-school and day care pick-ups. In addition CH's Service Provider affords senior citizens special care and free rates of service and Rides by CH'S Service Provider Erie, Inc.

CH'S Service Provider Erie, Inc. has test marketed the Erie area and the results indicate both business and residential clients intend to use our service. (Please find attached business plan and residential clients intend to use our service. Please note these businesses and individuals are not guaranteeing anything, they are simply estimating the use or need for CH's transportation services). Customer will schedule rides and receive requests for rides for transportation from our website and app application: and or 

Pending PUC Docket No: PUC A-2021-3028690

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CRBOV Legal service rates & fees in support of CHS Service Provider Paralegal Rates

CH'S Service Provider Transportation Rates

Corey L. Harris Sr Founder/ CEO

Now Hiring Drivers and dispatchers and Schedulers for our 24/7 days week share riding service plus goods and services and packages pick up & drop offs: call into our local office to schedule an interview at: 1800-785-0907 or email 

Pricing is based on a fifteen-mile radius for one way or round trip. Each additional mile after the fifteen-mile radius is 60 cents (this does not apply to out of town rates). All fuel efficient Operations

Number of Passenger One Way Round Trip

Individual Rates - 1-6 passengers - $9.36/per person - $17.87/per person

Group Rates - 7-15 passengers - $8.32/per person - $15.97/per person

(5) Day Weekly Rates - 1-6 passengers - $34.67/per person - $56.34/per person

(7) Day Round Trip - $75.00 per person all charges is base on maintenance fees.

Out of Town Rates:

One-way: Buffalo $75.00 per person / round trips $125.00

One-way: Cleveland $75.00 per person / round trips $125.00

One-way Pittsburgh $85.00 per person

Approved rates 2021-2026 lock rates no new rates changes are allow before year expired above!

"A 3-day payout period with late fee charge will be apply to account of 7% a day late fee or unit
full payment is made in full and on record of payment. All service will be reactivated once bill is paid.

1. Car rental for 1 day $78.26

2. 5 day car rental $391.40

3. 7 day car rental $547.82

4. 30 day car rental $2,347.80

$91.00 a day SUV membership discounts 10%

10% Membership discount all rental rates and long term rental agreements are negotiable on pricing.

Genral Public Rates
CH'S Service Provider & CRBOV


965 31st Street

Erie, PA 16504


Corporate Office Virtual assistant number 814-206-0562 extension 1001

HR extension 814-273-4750 extension 1002

HR extension 814-273-4750 extension